Season 12, Episode 11

We jumped into an ocean but landed in a puddle at the following link.

Sea Of Thieves is the worst kind of game. The kind that show an amazing amount of potential, but already released into the wild. The game didn’t need more time, it just needed more to it. There’s a few hours of fun on the surface and then there’s nothing. Sailing a ship with friends is fun, but it only lasts so long when you’re doing the same thing over and over again without any kind of significant reward for doing it. There is no progression in the game. Not the kind of progression to keep you going further and further with it. It’s a shallow as they come, but it holds so much promise. It has one or two really good things nailed down but it isn’t enough to carry the game. It isn’t enough to justify the full price (we HIGHLY recommend the Game Pass option). With more, this might have been something special. Hell, with more, I have used the game pass but promptly gone out and bought a copy if it held onto me, but it doesn’t. The game’s a giant bag of air with a few chips at the bottom. But it could have been so much more.

Next week’s episode may or may not be your cup of tea. Or grog. Or mead. Whatever, we’re playing DnD live on the air for the very first time (as well as the first time for some of us on the show). We’re not sure how well it will go, but that’s the fun in experimenting. We hope it works. We hope you like it. And if it doesn’t or if you don’t, we hope you’ll come back the week after for our usual show format.

But we really hope it works AND you like it. Because it’s honestly been fun week after week of learning new things about DnD and we hope that fun will translate over the air for all of you.


Season 12, Episode 10

We found out dice rolling can be really loud at the following link.

Stepping back into Burnout Paradise was like watching a favorite movie you hadn’t seen in a long time. Some of it felt fresh, but all of it was fondly remembered. It did nothing but bring a smile to my face and was amazing to see the world from the beginning again. This isn’t anything like the remaster for Shadow Of The Colossus. This is a low effort polish on a not-near-as-old game like that was and, really, the Shadow remaster set a bar I don’t think we’ll ever see again except from the same company who did that one.

But I don’t care. It’s put the Burnout game back in the heads of gamers who played it and those who missed it. It’s getting people talking about Burnout again and I really hope EA is listening because it’s been 10 years. Make another one already and drop that stupid obsession with your Need For Speed franchise.

We’ve got a longer segment at the end here talking about our DnD episode. We rolled dice for our stats (it got loud, sorry) and talked more about the creation of our characters. We also spent about an hour or so off-air after the show going over more of it and getting everything hammered out. Next week, we’ll get a taste of the story our GameMaster has crafted for us and the week following that (March 31st), we’ll have our first ever live Dungeons & Dragons game on the air!


Season 12, Episode 09

We’re explaining it like we’re five at the following link.

Date’s set. We’re aiming for March 31st as to when we’ll do our DnD episode. Beginning with this episode, we’ll devote a segment of the show as our build up to that episode so you can see and hear us progress through the stages of doing something like this. This episodes segment comes near the end where we try to get a grasp on the idea of character creation. It’s…a slow process.

Meanwhile, in the video gaming world, this past week I returned to a game I’d only ever played at industry shows but never did dive into it when it released. And I loved every bit of it. And this week will see me return to a game I’ve always loved but I haven’t REALLY touched in ten years.

Sometimes revisiting the past doesn’t hold up to what you remember. But that’s okay. It doesn’t have to change your memories of the past. Those are still yours and yours as you remember them. So keep that in mind if something feels different a second time around. Doesn’t mean it has to ruin your memory of the first time.


Season 12, Episode 08

We’re rolling for initiative at the following link.

Doing something you’ve never done before can be scary and fun and so many other things at the same time. However, this isn’t one of those times. It’s all fun and exciting. There’s nothing scary about it. You’ll hear this in the first segment of the show how an idea usually comes together for us – instantaneous, it would seem.

So, here’s the thing, we stumbled upon the idea of doing a live D&D session on the air. Two of us on the show know what this involved and two of us on the show have no idea what will happen. So that (we hope) will be actually entertaining to listen to over the radio and watch on Twitch/YouTube.

Experimentation is a lot of fun when doing things like this. We’ve done music only episodes before and those work cause, well…radio, right? But this is totally going outside of the norm I think for something on FM broadcast radio and it might work, and it might not, but we’ve gotta try and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, then whatever, we tried and there – it exists at out attempt to do something different. If we actually pull it off well enough, we could make it a regular and ongoing thing and it totally opens the door for new experiments to try. Playing a boardgame on the radio might not sound like it’ll work, but radio is nothing but theater of the mind anyway so if we can be descriptive and imaginative enough with it – I think we can pull it off.

You’ll find out when we do.