Season 12, Episode 35

We keep forgetting a new Tomb Raider came out at the following link.

Ended, the cross play wars have?

It’s odd. I keep an offline document so I can write these while the PC is busy doing other things. I don’t use it all the time, but when I opened it up, the last time I had used it was back when I wrote about the whole fuss of Sony blocking cross play with Fortnite. And now, here we are, and Sony has allowed it. Further stating that it will look into other third-party cross play options.

I was all for this and I still am. I don’t play a lick of Fortnite, but if it gets Sony closer to allowing, at the very least, cross SAVES with Destiny or anything else really, then I’m all for it. Giving freedoms to the consumer is always a good thing to me, even though I can remember a time when it was unheard of – and not because of anything else other than NO ONE was doing it. It wasn’t some sense that big corporations are bad or anything, but that simply no one was doing that and we never thought they would. Microsoft opened the door slightly but it made sense. Play on your Xbox and play on your PC…excuse me, WINDOWS PC. It just went together and seemed very seamless that they would do that. Then other games and companies came on board and, while it wasn’t expected, it was no longer the surprise it once was or the revolution we’d thought it would be.

This is pretty big though. And maybe the first step to closing that gap of further deciding on which system to get a game on based on where your friends are playing.


Season 12, Episode 34

We’re making it so at the following link.

In trying to catch up, we just got further behind. Still, there was no way we were getting out of this show without bringing up TellTale.

What the hell happened?

For me, personally, the writing wasn’t on the wall for this. I remember hearing somewhat about horror stories for working there but nothing clearly and enough for me to think it wasn’t just a disgruntled employee. But there’s plenty of places with horrible working conditions that still operate. TellTale’s closing just feels so very out of the blue. Usually something like this might come in between projects or even during a project that just hasn’t released yet, but this was a company that had just gotten the license for a “Stranger Things” game, not to mention they’d already produced games based on “Minecraft”, “Borderlands”, “Game Of Thrones”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, “Back To The Future”, “Jurassic Park”, “Batman”, and “The Walking EFFING Dead”! How does this go wrong?

Our sincere best wishes to those now who are suddenly out of a job. Those who put in the very long hours and overtime with next to nothing to show for it. We thank you for all of that hard work on games a lot of us on the show enjoyed tremendously and we hope very much you land on your feet with something so much better than where you were.


Season 12, Episode 33

We’re catching up for lost time at the following link.

We’re two weeks behind where we should be in this episode so while it should be a lot about what we’ve played and all those things announced for Switch and everything else from this past week, we’re jumping back as though I just got back from PAX West.

And there’s a whole lot to say about what I saw at PAX West. Plenty of games to cover like GRIS, My Friend Pedro, Bloodroots, Soundfall, Shift Quantum, Bee Simulator, Hong Kong Massacre, The Gardens Between, Streets Of Rage 4, Windjammers 2, We The Revolution, and so much more that I’m leaving out at the moment.

It’s a whole PAX-Filled episode crammed into 2 hours and hopefully next week, after some more catching up, we’ll be back on track.