Season 12, Episode 39

We’re trying to take the moral high ground at the following link.

How many games can you play at one time? I don’t mean at the same time, obviously, but how many games can you play and still keep that controller memory in your head?

I think two is about it for me. If you throw in a third and I’ve got to get a feel for the controls, I think it gets in the way of me having that memory for one of the other games unless I continue to put some time in with it every once in a while. I’m currently juggling Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2. Along with Destiny, but I don’t really count that too much since it’s a whole different control scheme for the PC. But, in the coming weeks should I pick up something like Assassin’s Creed, then I may have issues.

It’s the same with TV shows on streaming services. I don’t try to have too many going at once so I can keep track of everything going on as I watch.

Am I the only one who does this?


Season 12, Episode 38

Someone’s having trouble breathing at the following link.

Wasn’t feeling all that great during the show. And now, the day after, it’s only gone downhill from there. So, here’s our show.

We talked about video games.

I’m going back to bed.

Or Destiny. Maybe both.


Season 12, Episode 37

The music’s a little too somber for the month we’re celebrating at the following link.

The waiting is the hardest part. Especially when you’re a fan or you have the money so why wait and then the fact other people are talking about it or you’re reading about it and you wanna be in on it too. So that whole thing from last week about waiting for sales – it really only applies whenever you want it to. And one of us couldn’t wait. BUT…it was his birthday so we’ll let him slide with that one. It’s also Assassin’s Creed and he REALLY enjoys the new direction they’ve taken the series since Origins. We’ll get more of his word on that next week.

And maybe a bit of mine as well if I can remember that I got into the beta for Google’s Project Stream. I have a free copy of the new Assassin’s Creed game so long as I play it within my Chrome browser. It’s kind of fascinating to think about and Curt calls in to tell us of his time with it, while I lament about how I totally forgot I got in all week long. Even writing this I’m reminding myself to check it out as soon as I post this….

The odds are not in my favor.


Season 12, Episode 36

We know the month but we’re still not sure of the day at the following link.

So it’s finally October. That means a few things. It means all of our music cuts for the entire month will be from scary/horror/spooky games, and it means we’re that much closer to November.

Here’s what I’m getting at with the November part. We’re totally down with you buying games. Go for it. And, honestly, buy them whenever you want. HOWEVER, if you can hold off, it might serve you well to do so. Let’s take the new Assassin’s Creed for example. Game came out this week – a good full month before November. Ubisoft is like clockwork when it comes to Black Friday discounts and you can bet anything that game will see a drop come the final Friday in November. So for game purchases and TV’s and even console systems slow up a bit on the purchases cause they will drop in price and pretty soon at that. If you haven’t yet bought Spider-Man, there’s a good chance you’ll get it for $20 cheaper. As much as I want Matt and RJ back into Destiny 2 with Forsaken, I’ve told them to hold off cause it will almost surely see a discount. As for Red Dead 2, its release comes a little too close to the end for me to think it’ll see any kind of a drop, but there’s no harm in waiting if you can.

Yeah, I’m not waiting on that one either.