Season 14, Episode 05

I know we’re going to be getting new consoles this year, but that’s about all I know. There’s details on each, yeah, but the things like a release date and price are yet to be determined. And while normally we’d expect these things at E3, that hasn’t always been the case. And especially now with Sony saying they won’t be at E3 or even have a press conference, it puts their reveal up in the air.

I’m okay with this. They’ll do it on their own time and that’s fine. Microsoft has done this as well, so to speak. I think we got a ton of details about the Xbox One at a special event in May of that year (boy did they push that whole TV aspect) before E3 and then they used E3 to highlight the games. I’m not sure Sony has ever done anything like that but it seems this will be the year they do, since they won’t be at E3. Now the fun part is when. Who shows their hand first? Release date isn’t so much of an issue as price. Being first on the shelf doesn’t really mean anything if you aren’t the cheapest on the shelf. And honestly, if ANY of these companies are looking at a five hundred dollar price tag, Nintendo is going to look awfully good at $300 come the holiday season for parents. Which, by the way, is all I’m considering here. The die hards and enthusiasts, they’ll be out in full force for the console of choice they want and price be damned. But the holiday season and sales, when the kids are asking for a new game console and parents look at the options – that five hundred dollars will NEVER win over something less than that. I get that Nintendo is an outlier, but five hundred may be a bridge too far for a lot of families.

Five hundred, so far, seems to be the cap on a price people are willing to pay for a gaming console. But that’s hard to tell, really. When the Xbox One was released it was five hundred and Sony was four. People went the cheaper route. Had Sony also been five at the time, I don’t know what would have happened. The first SKU’s of the PS3 were in the six hundred dollar range and that was a disaster.

This part of the new console release cycle is always my favorite. Who pulls the trigger first and what happens when they do?


Season 14, Episode 04

And now, pardon my rant. I spend FAR too much time in this episode discussing E3 and probably retreading over ground I’ve already spent far too much time on in the past. Even worse, I could have continued on were it not for the need to take a commercial break. In a way, I’m thankful we have those so it can pull us off one track and set us on the path of another.

All that time spent on E3 kept us from getting to something else I could have ranted on and that’s the price of the next generation of consoles when they release later this year. Sony has already seem to let slip their issues with keeping costs low but I have plenty of thoughts and ideas on that which will have to wait until next week because, again, spent far too much time on E3. More than E3 should get, to be honest. Anyway, yeah, I’m just retreading it all again if I tell you here but I do try to explain some of it in the episode and, more than rant, I try to find possible solutions to whatever it is I’m complaining about. Something I wish more people would do, actually.

I don’t mind the complaining, but at least try and find something constructive to give back. Even if the folks at E3 won’t listen.

They never do.


Season 14, Episode 03

Pardon our delay. It was completely unexpected but as you can tell from our little video on twitter last week, I was still in no condition to run the show. Thanks for sticking around, however.

Given the situation, the discussion leads into the kind of games we play when we just aren’t feeling all that well. How do you handle it? Obviously, for some and depending on just how bad you feel, no gaming is a valid option. But, for me, I could easily stand to play…something…just so long as it didn’t require a whole lot of work on my part. A city sim, or something ultra casual without a timer or quick reflexes and I was good. And a “timer” could be anything…just so long as it didn’t put some sort of needless demand on my part. Tower defense would be another good genre to play with while out for the count with a cold or something. We all have different ideas of what that is for us and I’m curious what it might be for you.

We try to catch up on the past few weeks of missed news, but just catching up with ourselves pretty much takes up the time. Still, we give a quick rundown of what’s gone on lately – even if we have very little to say about it.

Mainly because I was totally under the weather something horrible.

Thankfully, Plague, Inc. was there to comfort me.