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This Saturday, IGC returns to the FCC regulated airwaves. What does that mean? Less swearing, obviously. But it also means higher production values, interviews, call-ins, and new show every week! We will broadcast live every Saturday evening from 6pm to 8pm Central. Until then, give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


After being absent for a month, I’ve come without a doctor’s note or even a note from my mom to offer a thin explanation of why we’ve failed to be present for the past month. I think there was some travel, sickness, work, family obligations, and a dog eating our show notes. Some of those things are even true. In any case, James has been called away to run shows for our employer through Christmas, which consumes his weekends and free time. So, I’m sad to say we won’t be back until after the new year. That will certainly give us plenty to talk about when we return, so those of you who don’t delete our feed in disgust will have a content-rich return episode to look forward to. Hopefully you’ll miss us as much as we miss doing this!


Welcome to the first ever “Episode 77″ of Evil Avatar Radio. In this week’s episode we talk about how we finished the fight (on Legendary & got the skulls) and we discuss further the ending of Halo 3 and a few of the final levels in the game. Fair warning, there will be spoilers, so keep that in mind when we go into our second hour. (Spoilers between 57:30 and 1:22:44)
On the non-spoiler side of things, we talk about Rocket Race, The Orange Box and all that includes (mainly TF2 and the roads that split into the 360 and PC paths), the releases of the week, COD4 withdrawals, the best stickie along with the best suicide in Halo 3, the 40GB PS3, the Bungie/Microsoft…situation, and controller frustrat….wait a minute.

Okay, this segment on controller frustration is something I never saw coming. First, fishbang tells us of when he got so angry, he took his controller outside and shot it. With a gun. As much as I was surprised by that, he then went on to tell us that it’s got nothing on what an old friend of his did. You might be curious as to what that was, but you’ll have to listen to find out. Even more so, the “old friend” calls into the show and tells us of his experience in what he did.

We get phone calls this week from Rogue_hunter (TF2), Ghostbear1 (Halo 3’s ending), and BAPenguin (Folklore).

All that and more in this exciting spoiler-filled episode.


A week out from Halo 3’s release and we’re back with even more Halo talk along with our goodbye’s to the CoD4 Multiplayer Beta.

Welcome to Evil Avatar Radio: Version 76. It’s October and we talk of plenty of things. Here’s a rundown of what’s mentioned: Tetris Splash, my big ass TV, Halo 3 & Your Friend’s List (there’s always that one guy playing something else), the Wild Wild West monster (our progress in Halo 3), skull collecting, terminal activating, Halo 3: Double Dash, Death & The High Cost Of Playing On Legendary, Zombie Game Mode, Halo 3 and the “Not Quite Ready For HD Playing”, mikeohara calls in from the middle of nowhere (remember Mike, you can’t say THAT on the radio), Rock Band pricing, PS3’s new SKU (a rumor a day…), Burnout Paradise (I think I mention this once per show at least), October = Spooky (that, or I’m just a big sissy), fatefodder calls in to talk about Fatal Frame (Yes, I picked a game to talk about that I have never played), we realize we have to get a webcam for the show, and we also discuss EVERY game (and more) mentioned in the title of this episode.


It’s Halo eve…what is SantaBap bringing you? For us he brings first-hand accounts of the Halo 3 launch in Seattle, and he’s not the only one. Reports come in from all points about the fever pitch and the midnight release while we talk our way through the story, gameplay and history of Halo. We’re also paid a surprise visit by Steve Scott, Bungie’s chief pyrotechnician, who suggests we keep a weather eye out for his favoritest explosion in the game.

This one’s rated T for Teen, folks, as your experience may change during online play. Err, listening.


A week before Halo and all through the threads, people were scared of massive spoilers ahead.

I can’t rhyme for shit, however, I can tell you about all the cool things happening on tonight’s episode of Evil Avatar Radio. We’ve got everything you need to cure a dull Monday night. We’ll talk about the games we played this weekend, or maybe just the game for those of you with COD4 Betas. Plus, we’ll get a visit from Santa Bap as he calls in to tell us of some Halo 3 contests that will begin this week. Major details to be revealed indeed.

Also tonight, our main theme of the show will be focused on women in the gaming industry as well as women gamers. First up will be Evil Avatar’s own thaGirl (Anjanette) and joyebean (Joye), both of whom work for Amaze Entertainment and have plenty to talk about as far as how they got where they are now and what it took to get there.

As always, thanks for listening.


Another Monday night means another EARful of gaming chat with Evil Avatar Radio. We’ll have a brace of interviews for you that were nabbed back at PAX by Psykoboy2. We’ll hear first from WizKids about the new Halo ActionClix, and then from Theresa Pudenz of Flying Lab Software about the upcoming MMOG, Pirates of the Burning Sea.

We’ll talk about the inevitable shift in emotions regarding BioShock, why the PS3 can’t catch a break…all the thoughts that keep us up at night.

Download now and listen!


There’s nothing like a three-day weekend to satisfy that yen for an unreasonably long stretch of gaming – especially if that weekend is spent with some of the best gaming in recent memory. We’ve availed ourselves of betas, demos, and discounts over the holiday, and we know there’s at least one significant new release to contend with no matter which system you have at home.

Join us as we talk about time well spent, both ours and yours. We have the week’s news, new releases, and a visit from TrackZero, here to share some information he picked up at X07 in Canada.


The Penny Arcade Expo has come and gone and our stalwart reporter, Psykoboy2, has returned with a head full of anecdotes and a sackful of swag. Though haggard and weary, he’ll be allowed no rest until he’s been fully debriefed on the air.

Join us as we discuss the panels, impressions, revelations and madcap antics of this year’s fan-favorite expo.


Does it feel a bit like Christmas Eve to anyone but us? BioShock is the first of this year’s top-shelf titles and it’s mere hours away from release. We’ve wrung the demo dry and scoured every retail outlet in town for early-release copies. We’ve had no luck in finding one, and even less luck in getting this game off our minds. It’s a good thing we’ve got a radio show to help with the catharsis.

And as if that weren’t excitement enough, this is also our last show before PAX! We’ve busied ourselves dictating Psykoboy2‘s itinerary for the expo and I can assure you that, as our sole ambassador, his will is not his own. So tonight, in anticipation of this weekend’s festivities, we’ll be joined by Kristin Lindsay, Events Coordinator for Penny Arcade, and Moe Fwacky, trail-master of the PAX Cross-Country Supertrip. That’s two great interviews for the price of none.

Download now for all of the above, as well as gaming news, our weekly free rental giveaway, listener calls, comments, emails and more.


It’s another episode of Evil Avatar Radio, this time sporting a dirty number. In the first hour we cover the news of the week. And then in hour two, we are joined by Robert Khoo – Business Manager at Penny Arcade, and the man behind PAX. He took questions from ourselves and our live listeners about his history with PA, PAX – past and present, the Penny arcade game, and dropped some info on upcoming projects. Then in the third hour we gave away some prizes to our live listeners, tried the Mountain Dew Halo 3 drink, talked about the Bioshock Demo, and more.

Or maybe I’m lying. Maybe none of that happened and I made it all up just now. You’ll never know if you don’t download it and listen for yourself!


It’s the beginning of a new era at EAR as Scott, James, and I take over hosting duties. We are thrilled to be here, and look forward to serving up your weekly dose of podcasty goodness.

In this episode, we go over the massive release schedule for Q4 2007 (which will put a serious dent in our wallets), talk a bit about the recent “modchip raids” (which weren’t as much fun as a WoW raid, I hear), and the news of week.

Thanks for downloading and listening to the show, and thanks for all of your support!


The Monday after Phil’s departure from EAR, he appeared on the final episode of In-Game Chat to explain why he left, and what’s next for him. That interview is now here on EAR for everyone who missed it.

Download it and listen.


Another week begins and so does another episode. We have got news from the week that was as well as breaking news from today. We will also take a look at games and movies coming out this week. We also talk with Keith Fuller of Raven Software about the recent passing of artist Glen Angus. You may not have known him, but you probably know his work and we hope that after talking with Keith, you will know him even more and the cause he was so very passionate about. All that and more along with your calls, questions, comments, and emails.


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Glen Angus's Website
A moving illustration that portrays autism, and a simple request for awareness.
Ravensoft's announcement of Glen's passing, and memorial fund information.

Tonight we talk about the leaks of the 360 dash update as well as that thumb keyboard we all saw over the weekend. We’ll also discuss copyrights, Grindhouse, and a whole lot more.


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