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We’re kickstarting our patreon for paypal donations at the following link.

First things first, if you aren’t reading or haven’t yet read Console Wars about the Nintendo Vs. Sega battle in the 90s, you really should check it out. We won’t have the author on for another week or so, but it worth bringing up now because I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

I don’t know the statistic of successful Kickstarters versus those that failed, but in the 20 or so that I’ve backed, 2 of them didn’t meet their goal, and there’s a few left that are still in development (one of those gets a trailer at Comic Con this week). My personal experience hasn’t been a bad one and there’s probably a lot of people who’ve experienced the same. One bad Kickstarter doesn’t make them all bad. Just…be careful where you put your money and, just as important, understand the rules of Kickstarter….and “early access” for that matter.


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We’re saving Marvel at the following link.

Actually, we’re not doing anything of the sort, but most of us watched EVO all weekend and would have during the show had we not had to do…a show. I can imagine ArJay shares the sentiment, but for me, personally, EVO is fascinating to watch and no matter the game being played, I am transfixed with the competition and skill being displayed during the fights. It really has everything you could want in almost any kind of competition. I’m not really a sports guy. I can watch a game and get the point and empathize with fans of a team, but there’s still a disconnect of some sort. That isn’t something I have while watching EVO – in fact, I know from how it feels watching these matches what sports fans feel and can easily understand their passion to something I was so dismissive of before.

Oh yeah, I’m also building a virtual pinball machine – and don’t worry, we DO NOT talk about Wolf Among Us in this episode.


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We’re patiently sniping but valiant in our efforts at the following link.

We’re still in the middle of what feels like a wasteland of game releases and gaming things to talk about, but, for some reason, I don’t actually feel that to be true. I’ve got two playthroughs of Valiant Hearts out of the way in one week’s time and have made good progress in Sniper Elite 3, but something still feels lacking. Maybe it’s just this time of year that has set in for me (or all of us) to experience a slowing down of releases and news. Regardless, this episode only seems to enforce that kind of thinking. We do hit on the two games I’ve spent time with this week, but we also distract ourselves in going over our history of gaming – where it started for us and the different turns it took along the way. It was fun, interesting, and something I really wish James, Nathan, and Matt could have also shared with us by being on the show.


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Now we’re playing with power at the following link.

Topics for the episode start out with Nintendo and how things seem to be going for what has really become the “granddaddy” of console gaming, portable or otherwise. None of us want bad things to happen to Nintendo and most all of us say that while hardly owning ANY of their current product, be it 3DS or WiiU. They are relevant, to be sure, but what is unsure is how relevant they are in the discussion of the new, current gen systems. The numbers, as it were, don’t lie.

I’m writing this on a Wednesday and trying to keep the description as close to the discussion in the show as possible, but this week, even before this was posted or written, has been a busy one when it comes to numbers, sales, charts, and SKU’s. None of us are oblivious to it, and you can easily guess how this post will be written next week.


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We’re digging up the past at the following link.

For me, personally, this whole E.T. in a landfill thing was never a myth or some urban legend. For whatever reason throughout my life I always knew it to be true and, in fact, I never knew there was any question as to the validity of the claim. It kind of surprised me to see tweets and headlines about “the rumors are true” or “legend confirmed” or whatever. Now that I think about it, I guess that’s why they went out there to dig them up – because if it was a known fact, then why do it to begin with?

Regardless of reasons we had other things to discuss, such as the new DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins. You’ll only get my take on it, but hopefully it’s enough to give you that informed decision before a purchase or putting in the time.

Also in this episode we get to speak again with Rand Miller from Cyan. We had him on about 6 months ago to talk with us about Obduction’s kickstarter and he’s back to give a bit of a development update. This interview is actually about 45 minutes long but only 30 minutes are in the show proper and stick to talk about Obduction. Those of you looking for talk of Myst, Riven, and an interesting little story about Disney & Myst should stick around after the show.


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We’re letting Matt go without cause at the following link.

We’re not really letting him go, but we have no say in what his job needs of him and it apparently needs him to fly 9 and a half hours ahead of us in time zones where he’ll spend most of the rest of the year. As with most of these things, we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Speaking of future endeavors, we’re quite curious what’s going on with Bungie and the release of Marty O’Donnell from their staff. These things happen but not usually on the terms that we know of publicly from what he’s tweeted so far in being fired from the company. Normally it is either a mutual split or both parties stay mum on the subject. Although, either way, people are going to speculate and that’s no different here.

Unexpectedly in this episode we received a call from Cailleah Scott-Grimes who tells us of her kickstarter project, She Got Game, a documentary about women’s experience in gaming. This was a completely unplanned and unprepared interview. I only mention that because of how easy it was to conduct given the subject matter – something worth talking about, and something worth making a documentary over. If you’d like to contribute, there’s still time left before the Kickstarter is over.


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I’m typing this early and while still at my day job because when that’s over with my time will be consumed by both inFAMOUS: Second Son and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Second Son being released on Friday lined up perfectly with the GameFly delivery time of Ground Zeroes, so both James and myself will be devoted to getting in as much time as we can with both titles.

Joining the two of us tomorrow night will be ArJay and Matt and we’ll be talking of all these games we’ve been playing – the two I mentioned previous along with ArJay’s time in Atlanta for Final Round plus whatever he has put into Dark Souls II. Oh, and I think at least one of us took a crack at Deus Ex: The Fall.

If you’ve dived into any of the games mentioned or some that we haven’t, why not call in with your thoughts at 334-272-9228?

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


We’ve been doing this show for 8 years now and from the beginning we’ve made mention of someone that most of you have never heard or seen. This person exists in casual mentions and stories from the past. You may have once heard this person’s voice in a phone call, but for the most part they’ve been in the background and only part of the show in conversation.

Tomorrow night, after 8 years, James, Dennis, Matt, and myself will be joined in-studio by Kevin. It’s a pretty big deal for us as we’ve always considered him part of the show, but he’s never physically been able to be a part of the show. Until now.

Outside of that we hope to have an update from ArJay on his time in Atlanta at Final Round, plus, there’s the whole world of gaming to talk about along with your calls and questions at 334-272-9228!

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


For the past few episodes we’ve been mentioning the fact that our very own ArJay will be heading off to Atlanta this weekend to compete in the Final Round fighting game tournament. This week, he finally got his schedule as to when he’d be competing.

First up is Soul Calibur 5. That will take place tomorrow (Friday) from 2 to 5 Eastern. He’s in Pool 4 for this game.

After that, he’ll be fighting again on Saturday from 2 to 4 Eastern with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012. He’ll be in Pool 21 for this game.

Beyond that, we don’t know when exactly he’ll be up to bat, but you watch the live stream on Twitch.

We hope to have updates and possibly have ArJay on the phone with us during the show Saturday night.


It’s weeks like this that we figure we could probably pull off a show five days a week.

While it’ll only be ArJay, James, and myself, it’ll still be a miracle if we’re able to cover everything we want in the two hours we have tonight. There is A LOT to cover. From the situation at Naughty Dog to finally hearing something on Watch Dogs. That’s not even half of it. We’ll also be talking with ArJay about his trip next week to the Final Round tournament in Atlanta. We hope to have his schedule so you can possibly watch him compete on Twitch next week.

It’s been a busy week, we’ve got a lot to talk about, and as always the phone lines are open for this episode so you can bring your thoughts to the table for discussion. Our number is 334-272-9228.

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tonight!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


We’re getting closer and closer to when ArJay will be heading off to Atlanta for the Final Round competition and we’ll talk with him more about that during tomorrow night’s episode.

Also tomorrow, James & Matt will go over their first impressions with Thief. They both come from the background of the original games and will likely base their thoughts in the differences of those experiences. Or not. Speaking of, have you played Thief, or anything else for that matter? Why not give us a call and tell us your experiences and thoughts?

Regardless, we’d love to hear from you! As always, the phone lines are open for this episode and you can bring whatever you like to the table for discussion. Our number is 334-272-9228.

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


From two hosts last week to E V E R Y O N E this week!

Tomorrow night it’ll be James, ArJay, Matt, Dennis, and myself in the studio broadcasting live and we hope you’ll be there with us. Sure, you can play Pokemon through Twitch, but you’ve been able to control our show that way for a good while now – why not give it a try tomorrow night. Or, better yet, just call in and talk about whatever you’d like from the world of gaming – we take requests as well.

Not that we’ll have little to talk about. With so many people back in the studio we’ve a lot to cover with where they’ve been and, more importantly, what they’ve been playing. Along with their thoughts on the recent news from the week. Plenty to be said on Titanfall, Irrational Games, and a load of other news items. Not to mention whatever you might bring to the table in the chat room during the show or by way of the phone lines. It’s all up to you!

As always, the phone lines are open. Our number is 334-272-9228.

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


We’re piloting our mechs all over the place at the following link.

Right, so mechs and titans. You could easily say most of the show was focused on big giant metal destruction, and it was, except for the 30 minutes or so we spent talking to Ben Ruiz from Team Colorblind. Their game, Aztez, involves no mechs or metal at all. But it does involve quite a lot of blood. If you’re curious to what the game is, find some videos, but then come back and listen to our interview to understand exactly what you’re watching and how it came to be.

As I said, the rest of the show is focused on mechs, from the Titanfall beta to our second guest of the night, Jason Hughes, from Adhesive Games talking to us about their game, Hawken – now available on Steam.

We really enjoy talking to developers, especially from places like Team Colorblind and Adhesive. You can hear in these interviews the passion they have for what they’ve created and what it means to them for you to play their games. We’ve heard it before from other small (and large) developers. It’s a privilege to speak with them and our hope is to only have more conversations with people like them. Having said that, if you know of a developer or someone working on a game you’d like for us to have on the show, let us know.


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We’re a lonely little show this week as it’ll just be myself and ArJay in the studio tomorrow night.

With that said, we’ve invited some friends along to help fill the void of the other hosts. Tomorrow night we’ll start things off talking with Ben Ruiz. Some of the games he’s worked on you might be familiar with (Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, anyone?), but his current project is a game called Aztez. It’s part beat-em up and part strategy. We’ll get all the details from Ben and ask him your questions!

Also tomorrow night we’ll be joined by Jason Hughes from Adhesive Games, makers of the free to play multiplayer mech shooter Hawken. We’ve been fans of the game for a long while now and the game is finally making its way to Steam this month. We’ll get all the details from Jason and ask him your questions!

Plus, we’ll have beta keys to give out for Titanfall on both PC and Xbox One, but you’ll have to listen to the live show in order to win!

As always, the phone lines are open for this episode and you can bring whatever you like to the table for discussion. Our number is 334-272-9228.

We hope to see (and hear from) you LIVE tomorrow night!

Remember, all the links you need to listen or watch the show live can be found just over to the left there.


We’re recording two hour broadcasts and selling them for $40 a pop at the following link.

First we have to thank Steven for calling in about his experience with the Titanfall alpha and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Also, another big thank you to Mr. Angus for calling in and talking about his time at Criterion studios, and also for putting up with my gushing of their work.

We won’t tell you how to spend your money. We won’t tell you that it’s wrong to pay the asking price for MGS: Ground Zeroes. Because it isn’t. It is your money to spend as you wish and I’ve personally committed far greater sins in the amount spent per entertainment value department (kickstarter projects come to mind).

While we aren’t too troubled by what Konami is charging for the game because if people will buy it, then why shouldn’t they? We are a bit concerned that it might catch on and become a regular thing. Right now, for me, it has no effect and Matt doesn’t seem to have too much of an issue spending the money on a franchise he loves – but what is this was Burnout, Uncharted, or (insert your beloved franchise here)? What are you willing to pay?

Don’t worry though, our episodes are still free, though we might hold James’ return for ransom. After all, we’ve got an E3 trip coming up.


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