EAR Episode 101: “We Had Values”

We’d like to once again thank Kropotkin & Hendrix, from the SuperHappyFunTimeShow, for our opening for this episode. In fact, it led to the idea of asking you, the listeners, for your own openings to the show. Create one, record it, and then send it to us and we’ll open a future show with it.

It’s episode 101 of Evil Avatar Radio and really, after the glory that was episode 100, there’s just no way to unlock that achievement a second time, but we try. We start the show off by finding out what we all played over the week and that includes time spent with the new maps in COD4, as well as comparing it to some play time we got in with the Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer beta. We also go into spoiler territory while speaking about our experience with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – something every one of us that finished the game completely regrets. Of course, you can’t talk Tom Clancy anymore without bringing up H.A.W.X., and we do just that, with an equal amount of regret, actually. Plus Bap calls into the show and tells us of GTA4 swag he got last week and TrackZero tells us of his time spent playing Viking.

The title for this episode comes mere seconds after the show. And it’s followed by talk of the justification of game trilogies, what we’re going to do between now and April 29th, and it’s capped off with Strax’s frustration with his Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live service along with our monetary uphill battles and username origins – just in case you ever wondered how a guy gets a name like “fishbang”.


EAR Episode 100: “Thank You”

Thank you. Thank you for 100 episodes of Evil Avatar Radio. And a special thanks for the past 30 or so episodes that we, the new crew, have been able to bring to you each Monday night.

This was unlike any show we’ve done before, and any show you guys have given us. The amount of callers we had was staggering. From people in the industry to members of the Evil Avatar community, we’d like to thank Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns from Metanet, Rogue_hunter, Shodan2020, MrBibbz, Phil “Kefkataran” Koller & his fiancĂ©e Amanda, TurboKinny, H2o Ninja, TrackZero, Jazzman, Kristin Lindsay & Robert Khoo from Penny Arcade, Aggort, Shadowstorm, Jonathan Coulton, pseudopseudo, Nick “BAPenguin” Puleo, Larry “Xbox Live’s Major Nelson” Hryb, Deadend, User 11, The RoadHead, and Ghostbear.

There are just way too many moments in this episode to go through all of them here. Really, you’ve just got to hear it to believe it. If anything for the opening montage that was so well put together by our very own Jeremy.

Once we got done with the 100th show, we finally got around to talk about some news concerning the co-op removal from Prototype, more GTA4 talk, and in-game advertising. Plus, we hear again from TrackZero who has a few choice words for Kefkataran (I’ll give you one guess), and Chris Grant from Joystiq calls in as well to wish us a happy 100th.

Again, from all of us, James/fishbang, Jeremy, Kevin/Hawggy, Dennis/Samitchdoo, Dana/ZillaDana/Soulless Toast, the new guy Daniel/danielout, and myself…

Thank You!

EAR Episode 99: “Off-Road Velociraptor Safari”

Welcome to episode 99 of Evil Avatar Radio. As of late, you probably wonder what the show sounds like when we have no interviews during the program. Well, here you go. In this episode we covered the news of a new Sonic game coming our way, the new Bad Company game and the way it deals with weapons and micro transactions, Guitar Hero for the DS, and much more.

Not only that, we got phone calls! Both of which I hang up on. First up is Dr. Finger where we begin to talk about GTA4, but end up talking about comic conventions and the weekly release of games, then Mike Ohara calls in as well to express his love for all things Command & Conquer.

While fishbang couldn’t join us for the regular show, he does pop up after the show where we talk about our weekend in Atlanta to see Jonathan Coulton, new COD4 maps, our favorite games that had excellent stories told, and we finally get to talk to nabokovfan87 and try to figure out his intense passion for the PS3.

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EAR Episode 98: “I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny”

Sometimes when you talk to PR you get the answers you want, and sometimes you don’t. Then there are other times when you get an answer like the title of this episode of Evil Avatar Radio, and really, it’s the answer you were looking for, in a round about way perhaps.

Originally when I was told we’d be speaking with Constantine Hantzopoulos from Sega Of America, I was informed that questions need to be related to Condemned & Condemned 2: Bloodshot. That wasn’t anywhere near the case when we actually did speak to him on the air. This guy let loose with everything and it’s really one of the more informative interviews we’ve had on the show. Take special note of his answer when we asked Evil’s question of why there is multiplayer in Condemned 2. Not only does he speak about the Condemned series, but he also goes on to answer questions you asked in the thread…as best he could anyway. NOLF 3, Blood 3, Shogo 2 – all are answered, sort of.

Not only that, but we start the show off with BAPenguin calling in to tell us about his time spent with GTA4 last week and we grilled him to no end on the topic. Trust us, the drool hasn’t stopped flowing since the multiplayer announcement made last week, and Bap’s experience relayed to us only increased our salivating.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there. After the show, we attempt to get Hawggy on the line without success, but redeem that by having S|1pstream, Bone, and thaGirl, join us for a bit to talk about drunken gaming, Texas, gamers making games, and my shame. Afterwards, we top it all off with a long discussion about the Stargate television series.

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EAR Episode 97: “Dammit Slam”

The Dammit Slam – In gaming, the act of being so frustrated at something that just happened you violently throw the controller (and all accessories attached) to the floor while at the same time yelling the word “dammit” and other variations thereof. You know, just in case you were curious about what that meant. Our very own fishbang is a scholar of the method.

We have to apologize for the opening of this episode of Evil Avatar Radio as the stream cut out right before we went on the air. We’ve gathered what we could of the beginning and present it to you here in somewhat of a duct taped fashion. Again, sorry about that.

In this episode we cover the usual news and new releases of the week and we’re joined on the phone by Slava Zatuchny and Jason Faller of Silverlode Interactive to talk about Saga (the free version of which was released today!).

Also in the show we’re joined by Evil Avatar‘s TurboKinny/Sara. She’s passing through and stops by to answer your questions and even joins us for the after show where we hear exactly why James loved the film, Sunshine.

Seriously, he loved it.

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EAR Episode 96: “Cripple Smash”

For starters, we’d like to apologize for the technical glitches we had during this episode. At one point during the interview with Steve Demeter, the stream just stopped. It was revived, but then Steve let loose one of those words the FCC deems inappropriate and so another skip of audio happens. We apologize for both and to Steve himself. We’ll be having him back on the show soon though, so no worries.

As mentioned before, on this episode of Evil Avatar Radio, we speak with Steve Demeter about the other projects he’s worked on and his current gem, Trism, for the iPhone & iPod Touch. And if you want to talk indie game development, it probably doesn’t get any more independent than with Steve.

Also, it’s a Red Letter episode early on when Phil “Kefkataran” Kollar calls into the show to announce his new position at 1UP. We at Evil Avatar Radio wouldn’t be bringing you this if it wasn’t for Phil. We owe him a lot and are happy to see him moving up in the industry of video games journalism. All of us know that this guy is going to be doing some great things and we’re honored he chose Evil Avatar Radio to announce the news. Thank you, Phil, from all of us.

After the dog and pony show, we take the conversation off the air and talk of a number of things. James/fishbang contemplates his anger management along with his intentions of building a new PC gaming rig, we discuss a few plans for the 100th episode of EvAvRadio, our plans for the first EAR Video GameCast, and announce a special in-studio guest for next week.

Meanwhile I try to go for the longest show description written for EvAvRadio.

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EAR Episode 95: “Robotology”

The title comes from our friends at Metanet Software, Mare Sheppard & Raigan Burns, developers of the XBLA game N+. It’s actually the title of their next game they are currently working on. But that’s not all they tell us in this episode of Evil Avatar Radio. From them we find out a little about what it takes to bring an already existing game over to Microsoft’s console, the good and the bad. They comment on the recent rumors of royalty cuts, a few regrets in the process, their inspirations, and 2 of their current favorite games, both of which I personally love them for (Burnout Paradise & Pac-Man CE).

We also give some time going over the releases for this week as well as covering what we can of a few announcements from GDC including Champions Online, APB, and a few XNA titles (fishbang loves planting flowers).

After the show, we give more time to the new Aliens game announced, talk a bit about Portal, PAX (of course), and give our accounts of the recent tornado a few of us went through last week.

Meanwhile I try to figure out how many links I can shove into one post.

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EAR Episode 94: “No DRM”

That’s a beautiful title, isn’t it? And it comes directly from the lips of Blair & Craig Fraser of Ironclad Games, developers of the PC title “Sins Of A Solar Empire” – which itself is a pretty good title as well. In fact, if you are curious as to how the guys at Ironclad came up with the title then all you need to do is listen to this episode of Evil Avatar Radio.

It was pretty refreshing to speak to these guys. With most developers, their answers to questions are hidden behind, and filtered through, a PR wall, never getting the chance to get their opinion least it be the opinion of the publishing company or parent. It really is something when you hear one of the Fraser brothers say, “We don’t like to treat our customers like criminals.” Spread the word, these guys are awesome.

Not so awesome, however, are our feelings on the city we broadcast the show from, as evidence by this week’s extra content. Forgive us for a moment as we bitch and moan for a bit. It doesn’t last long as we’re brought right back into a discussion we had on last week’s show – PAX and marriage plans.


Evil Avatar Radio: The No Show

Trying to come up with something to say about this show has been difficult. Even finding a name within the episode, as we normally do, has been a challenge. The thing is, this episode that almost never was is so all over the place that I just can’t pinpoint any one thing. Hell, we open the show by talking about the Sarah Conner Chronicles, then the Super Bowl, Sins Of A Solar Empire, PAX, marriage plans (that’s a show, and apparently a thread, in and of itself), and tons of other things. It’s Jeremy, Hawggy, and myself on this one along with a TON of help from the folks in the chatroom.

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EAR Episode 92: “Fireworks In Your Eyeball”

“Life, for ever dying to be born afresh, for ever young and eager, will presently stand upon this earth as upon a footstool, and stretch out its realm amidst the stars.”

– H. G. Wells, 1920

This episode of Evil Avatar Radio is a special one for us and we hope for you as well. Now, it’s one thing to have both BAPenguin and Kefkataran on at the same time. It’s one thing to talk about a new game from Team Ico. But to have all of that and then top it all off with talking to astronaut Charlie Duke – well, you’d think it was our 100th episode or something.

None of us on the show can really express what it was like to talk with Mr. Duke or even have him on the show. It is an experience not a single one of us will ever forget. He tell us of his experience with NASA and his time spent on the moon as well as traveling to it plus his return to Earth. What is it like to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere? What’s it like to stand within such a magnificent desolation? To see the dark side of the moon and to witness an Earth-rise. Charlie Duke tells us of those things along with many others (cosmic rays penetrating the eyeballs, anyone?).

So, how do you follow someone who’s walked on the moon? You don’t really. We attempt to, however, in the after show
by talking of the recent Mass Effect “brouhaha”, along with a note about next week’s episode, followed by an explanation of the questions chosen to ask Mr. Duke.

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EAR Episode 91: “The 30 Second Delay”

We’ve done our best in this episode to elevate things to the level of spectacle, as evidenced by the addition of our high-tech supercam for the broadcasting of in-studio hijinks. We hope you enjoyed it. We worked awfully hard to make ourselves presentable for live video. It’s a shame we failed.

As for the show itself, we apologize for the absence of Philip “NoShow” Kollar, but he must not like us nearly as much as he lets on. Regardless, we welcome anyone who wandered by for Kef, but chose to stay for us.

And do yourself a favor by sticking around for the aftershow. Special guest voice Porkfry stops by to swap howdies and to pin fishbang down on some of his bullshit.

Our apologies for the audio quality during Porkfry’s visit. No need to go into detail about the problem, but we have since figured it out and assure you it won’t happen again.

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EAR Episode 90: “I’m The White Godzilla”

If you’ve ever read on the internet about a good deal on a video game, chances are that tidbit of information originated at CheapAssGamer. Personally I’ve saved quite a bit of cash and frequent the site daily looking for game deals. And CheapyD, the cheapest ass of the cheap ass’ers, stops by on this episode of Evil Avatar Radio (and he’s also joined by Wombat). He tells us of the beginnings of CheapAssGamer, his move to Japan, being a gamer and a father, the Circuit City Saga, and the deliciousness of the “Mega Mac”.

Also in this episode we talk more of our experience with Mass Effect, the wonderful bullet points of Resistance 2, how NOT to let Condemned scare you, the week’s releases, and just a tiny bit on Cloverfield. Plus we hear from Sl1pstream who calls in all the way from Belgium to tell us a bit about “The Club” demo and his possible plans for PAX’08.


EAR Episode 89: “It’s Fisher Price: The UI”

We were away for a while, but no more. We’re back on the air talking about what we did over the long holiday and thanks to the lovely voices of BAPenguin, and TrackZero, the last half hour wasn’t a total wash as we talked about Kane & Lynch (better than you might think), CES, Rock Band, and home theaters.

Not only that, but after the show we have a longer discussion than should be had on the topic of hamburgers. Then fishbang (the real one, not that fake guy on PSN) goes on to talk about his thoughts on Mass Effect and his response to TrackZero on how Burning Crusade can be considered as a Game Of The Year contender. It’s also where the title comes from, in case you’re curious.

It’s all in the first episode of the year of Evil Avatar Radio! Enjoy.


EAR Episode 88: “Evil Avatar Radio’s Christmas Vacation”

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Evil Avatar Radio. This week on the show we try to cover what little news there has been. James tell us of his adventure in the land of PS3 (apparently “fishbang” isn’t as unique a name as James thought), we cover what little we saw of the Duke Nukem teaser, and Crackdown and it’s lack of appearing on anyone’s “Year’s Best” list (except ours).

It’s a shorter episode than usual and it’s all wrapped up in the end with a big red bow of your Holiday Greetings to other members of Evil Avatar.

Also of note is that Evil Avatar Radio is now available on the Zune Marketplace.

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EAR Episode 87: “In Case Of Fuck, Break Glass”

The Fruit Fucker strikes again! And does so during one hell of an episode of Evil Avatar Radio. The little bastard struck during our interview with Kristin Lindsay from Penny Arcade while talking to her about Child’s Play. The conversation stops quite abruptly and then a technical glitch happens to our microphones. It’s a little annoying, but it doesn’t last the rest of the show. Sorry about that, folks.

While this isn’t our Christmas show, it might as well have been for everything that took place. Hell, within the first 30 minutes 2 people on the show announce their engagement, and another gets a PS3. Not only that but Kristin tells us about some of the really cool things that were a part of the silent auction at the Child’s Play charity dinner, and then we get Rick Roll’d, live on the air. And no, I’m not linking that.

Once we’re off the air, we Rick Roll ourselves for a bit and then look to you for suggestions of a year end wrap-up. We’re making lists, and we could use your ideas on what kind of categories we should have. Got any? Email us.