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This…well, this is a big day for us. We’ve finally launched our Patreon!

What does this mean? Well, it means we’re finally opening up a way for you to support us financially. And that’s a very big deal for us. That being said, it’s very important that you read these next two paragraphs about this whole new world we’re stepping into.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the concept of what Patreon is, you should watch this quick video.

You should also watch the video at our Patreon page as well as read all the info. It’s a lot to read, I know, but we aim to be as upfront and honest about everything – from the things we’ll do with your money to why we even decided to ask for your money. And make no mistake, this is YOUR money and we want you to do with it how ever you see fit. We aren’t begging, we hope we aren’t being pushy and we sure as shit don’t want you to feel obligated. All of this is explained on our Patreon page and in our video, but to be very clear, IGC isn’t going anywhere if you don’t contribute to the Patreon. As well, you won’t miss out on content if you don’t contribute. We will NEVER hide any of our content behind any kind of pay wall. Ever.

Here’s the next part that is very important. If you have any questions about this or doubts about this, we want to hear from you. We want to know if you have concerns or problems with this. On the other side of that, we want to know if you like this and if you’ll support it. We want to know if there’s something YOU want to see from us that we don’t have listed there on the page. We can’t read your minds so we need to hear from you. Feedback from you, our listeners and supporters, is so extremely crucial to us – both in this funding campaign along with the show itself and our other projects. So please, let us know what you think. It’s really important to us.

On behalf of James, Matt, Dennis, ArJay, Nate, and myself…Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for donating if you did, thank you for considering it if you didn’t, and thank you for continuing to listen to the show.


We’re aiming for the THOR HOLE at the following link.

So, Valve did something to piss off the internet. Of course they did. Anytime you start charging people for something they got for free for a very long time is going to have some people angry with you. The debate isn’t about if people should be angry at what Valve did, it’s more about the question of if Valve should have ever done it in the first place. We seem to be split on the issue. Or maybe I’m the only one split on it. The waters feel untested and on the surface this seems like shaky ground to be applying a price tag. I’m all for creators getting paid for their creations if they want to get paid for it, but something still seems to be missing in the transactions here. The other guys on the show bring up very valid points that could cause a lot of headaches once money is thrown into the mix. Might be easier to understand now why we’ve never outright asked for money from our listeners. That’ll change soon, by the way, but that’s a post (and maybe a show) for another time.

That paragraph above was written yesterday before Noon. That’s about the time I usually get around to writing some draft of these (sort-of) show descriptions. Except, all that has changed now, hasn’t it? Valve has removed the whole idea of paying for mods. It pleases some and upsets others. Although, it clearly looks like the louder voices and possibly the majority were of those who wanted to see Valve do exactly what they have done. Except, I don’t think Valve is done with this. I think they will try again. Skyrim might not have been the best testing bed for this thing, but I think we’re well on the way to paying for mods at some point. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, but I also don’t think I can sum it all up in one of these. It needs a bigger space for the discussion, one we’d like to have your input on for next week’s episode. So write us or even call in next week. We want to know what YOU think.


We’re home at the following link.

We don’t normally touch on things outside of gaming during the show proper. Something we used to do on our MUCH longer episodes or some kind of extra content (we should look into doing those again, huh?). Still, when you’ve had the week we’ve had as movie fans, it’s hard not to talk about both Star Wars and Batman/Superman.

Outside of that, however, we still cover games and ArJay gives us his thoughts on Mortal Kombat X, my thoughts on the new Avengers: Age Of Ultron table for Pinball FX2, and James’ thoughts on Final Fantasy 14. Plus, we still find time to get in some talk about stealth games since it’s been on our plates for the last few weeks.


We’re doing some fuzzy math at the following link.

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It’s a game I got a little ways through when it released and then got distracted or bored or something that kept me from going back to it for ever how long. Now that I’m back playing it and enjoying it, I’m almost done with it. So it was nice last week to get the news that another sneaky-sneak game I’m a fan of was currently in the works. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a game I played all the way through without taking a year long or more (or less) break. Outside of the boss fights, I loved it. And while finishing up Splinter Cell, I was really hoping we’d be hearing something new for Sam Fisher, but I’ll totally take Adam Jensen in the interim.


We finally got everyone in the room at the following link.

I think part of this episode is a great example of part of what this show does. That part being where we pretty much sell you on a game (or keep you from making a mistake). We give our experiences and make you want to share in those. The discussion James had about Elite Dangerous pretty much convinced Matt to buy it right on the spot. It almost caused a few others to pull the trigger as well. It’s a good conversation and one to listen to if you are also on the fence about picking it up.

I’m also surprised at my lack of remembering that The Order just came out not very long ago as we discuss the plight of NOTHING to play on our consoles. Exclusively, anyway. As an owner of a PS4, Xbox One, and a PC, I can’t really think of anything coming out in the next 6 months or more that I’ll be playing on those first two systems. I can imagine the comments and emails we’ll get for leaving out the Wii U. I can also go ahead and tell you I agree with all of them.


We almost got the band back together at the following link.

This episode really only consists of two topics. The first part of the show we talk about Bloodborne. The second part of the show talks about Pillars Of Eternity. And I’d kind of like to focus on that for the rest of this post. This game SHOULD NOT be one that I’m enjoying. It isn’t my type of game, or at least a type I would normally give attention to. The thing is, I was never exposed to the type of game Pillars calls back to from ever how long ago. I never had the experience of something like it. I never had a yearning for it to be brought back. The developer, Obsidian, didn’t hold weight with me like it did most people. But now….oh god now…this game is fantastic and I find myself falling into it’s lore and its world and its characters and its story.

This easily defines the phrase, “You don’t know what you’ve been missing.” And, at the same time, I guess, “Better late than never.”


We’re still playing Cities Skylines at the following link.

There wasn’t much analysis to give over the recent announcement from Nintendo on breaking into the mobile gaming market. That’s probably because pretty much none of us do mobile gaming. I mean, yeah, there’s a select few games I’ll personally dip into but it’s very rare for me to do mobile gaming (or handheld for that matter). What we can all seem to agree on is the decision of the big N to hand the development of their online network to someone else, because clearly, they haven’t been able to really get it right.

Speaking of getting things right…Konami, what the hell are you doing?


We’re getting calls on the hotline at the following link.

The city simulation talk continues further in this episode as I get to spend even more time with the game and my city (In-Game Chattington). But we do get to talk further about other games. Nate’s back with us and has had plenty to play in the two weeks he’s been away. One of those games happens to be one he’s been looking forward to for a while. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number released this past week and Nate spent a good amount of time figuring out what he likes and what he doesn’t about the game.

This is also the episode where we wish the best of luck to our very own ArJay as he heads to Atlanta for the Final Round fighting tournament. He has a few tournaments he’ll be competing in and we hope to hear from him during this Saturday’s show on how things all went.


We built this city at the following link.

Prepare yourself – the Cities: Skylines talk is coming. Sure, while the backlog is overflowing with options, the new stuff just isn’t sinking its hooks into me. Save for Cities: Skylines. And it is quite the focus with this episode, and I’ll probably talk more about it in the next episode as well. It’s a great city builder and fills that hole that SimCity 5 left in me by not living up to its namesake.

While Skylines does take up a good chunk of the episode, we still have time to bring up the closing of the studio that made SimCity 5 as well as the horrible trailer released for another game dear to me, Rollercoaster Tycoon World. Not only that but we take a call to wrap up the episode and discuss a bit about Valve’s entry into the VR ring – and we’re pretty happy about that.


We’re once bitten twice shy at the following link.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new city builder game on the way. Cities: Skylines seems to be getting right everything that SimCity got wrong. Seems…is a really good word to use here. We’ll know in the next few days if we can eliminate that word, but in the meantime, we try to learn more about the game itself from Colossal Order’s Mariina Hallikainen. This is a studio who’ve been facing the community head on with their questions and concerns. And they are doing so because they saw what happened when Maxis didn’t do this the last time out. They are doing this because they know how gun shy the city builder fans are on throwing down money on another game.

If you want to know more about the game, listen to our interview in this episode. I’m personally excited for it, but I’ll admit, I’m still a bit skeptical of them getting it right. If anything, I think they’ll get it more right than SimCity did back in 2013.


We’re playing our games faster than usual at the following link.

The Order: 1886 has been taking a beating in the reviews and I hope we do enough in this episode to give you a bit of both sides. I may be confusing the people I’ve talked to about the game, but Nate didn’t come away from it as bad as I did. I also had other technical problems with the game that he didn’t. By the way, the length of the game isn’t anything we had a problem with.

Beyond that, we had a call about DLC, some tiny bit of pinball talk, and a pretty big announcement about a future episode that’ll we’ll go into more detail at a later date.


We’ll try again to compose ourselves next week at the following link.

I’m told our Twitch chat got bombed during this broadcast. That is not the topic of discussion in the show but it’s brought up once or twice near the last hour or half hour. I guess I hadn’t watched enough Twitch streaming to know that this happens or how it looks when it does, but it completely throws you off your game when you’re trying to talk about things.

Speaking of talking about things, we discuss a bit of Evolve in this episode along with the complaints of DLC. One, I think, I had at one point but now can’t really see the big fuss of it all. Plus there’s the that whole Peter Molyneux situation that happened last week as well.


We’re giving you what you pay for at the following link.

The discussion comes up every now and again and it seems we always come to the same conclusion – the length of a game and the price of a game don’t really matter. Or well, it’s all from the perspective of the person spending the money, really. What you get out of the game determines to you if it was worth paying full price. Skyrim offers a ton of game for your $60 at the time it released, but it would have offered nothing to someone like me because that’s just not my type of game. On the other side of that, I could pay $60 for a single track and car in a Burnout series and I’ll pay TWICE that for a collectors edition that comes with an extra track and extra car. The value sits with the consumer, for the most part.

Outside of that discussion, Nate gives us his final thoughts after wrapping up Dying Light. And we talk a bit about picking up Evolve – mainly if we would be doing so at launch or waiting for the price to drop. Here’s a spoiler, neither Nate nor myself waited and that’s some of what we’ll be talking about on the next episode.


We’re just handing out shows left and right at the following link.

Here’s your second dose of IGC this week as we attempt to catch up after the delay of PAX South. Speaking of, we spend about an hour talking about the inaugural event that took place in San Antonio. Odd that it would take an hour to talk about something quite small compared to the other PAX events, but I’m long winded. Which is also strange because I am very under the weather when we did this episode on Saturday.

In case you’re curious about our thoughts on Dying Light, only Matt and Nate have put in any time with it and Nate has some very detailed thoughts on his experience. Plus Matt tells us about his time with Grim Fandango.


We did a show a week ago and it’s at the following link.

That’s about all I can tell you about the show from last week. I was away at PAX South, but the show must go on and it did with James, Matt, ArJay, and Nate. I’ve no idea what was talked about on the show, so it’ll be just as much a surprise to me as it will be to you.

You’ll be getting a double dose of the show this week. There is today, of course, and tomorrow we’ll have this past Saturday’s show ready for you.

Sorry for the delay.