Season 16, Episode 02

I think I own Hellblade on both consoles and PC. And I’ve had them now for quite some time. Years, in fact. So I’m just a little bit behind in finishing it but that’s exactly what happened over the course of the week.

I have stronger feelings about Guardians Of The Galaxy, be them good or bad, than I do of Hellblade. My complaints for the former are far more numerous than those of the latter. Hellblade is just all around good except for some issues with combat. The game looks great, the story told is wonderful, the puzzles aren’t too difficult and the acting, voice or otherwise, is top notch. This game deserved every award, praise, and accolade it received. But Guardians is the better story. At least for me, the story in GotG had more of a pull for me. And I’m not really comparing these two. You can’t. I just happened to beat them both within like 2 weeks of each other. And the story of Guardians Of The Galaxy is still sitting with me.

I’m not yet sure where I’ll go from here. I never finished Horizon Zero Dawn and that sequel is just around the corner. Days Gone is another I’ve been curious about and there’s a few smaller games here and there to jump into and some that are just ways to pass time (Pedestrian & Hot Wheels). And there’s the return to Mass Effect as well. All before Destiny’s expansion takes hold in late February.

Not a bad problem to have really on where to go next.

I could always replay Splinter Cell. Speaking of…Ubisoft, it’s been 3,070 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise, remake, or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 36

Giving it the ol’ in-and-out.

Yeah, probably not the best starter I’ve ever come up with, but it’s in relation to those moments in gaming when we turn the game on and something about it just makes us turn it right back off again. It isn’t out of something like forgetting you had something else to do and couldn’t play at that moment or anything like that – it’s specifically a design choice, or a gameplay mechanic, or something else about the game that makes you give up before you even started.

This happened recently while trying to play Doom Eternal on Gamepass. The download of the game took forever (we couldn’t find where to download JUST the single player portion so it pulled down the whole thing), then when we finally started it up, it asked us to sign into a Bethesda account and if we didn’t have one we needed to make one. I couldn’t find any option to skip this part so we could just play the game. So we turned it off.

I rarely “nope” out of games on a superficial level. I hate underwater sections where air is crucial. It’s not a trigger or anything like that, but it’s anxiety on a level I do not want. I love the Burnout games but I absolutely cannot stand and dread, in fact, their time trials. Then there’s this whole thing where to play a game you have to have an account with the developer/publisher. Not a fan. And most, I believe, give you the option to play without signing in/up and you’ll miss out on some stupid extras or something, but when they completely close the door to the game until you do, that’s bad design. It’s corporate design, and it’s bad design.

One quick note…in regards to the counter below that I’ve been doing for a while now. That will continue until they release the game. We’ve gotten word that a new Splinter Cell is probably in development, but it’s a rumor right now and nothing official from Ubisoft. So until it’s released, we’re still counting the days.

With that said…Ubisoft, it’s been 2,986 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 31

You could hear the complete change in tone I had in my voice as soon as RJ said he’d fired up Destiny on the PS4.

And it isn’t like it was his first time, but I think he’d all but given up on the game in my mind until I had heard this. Not that I’m looking to convert and especially not him – he’s been here before. We both have. But it was a long time ago, somewhere around the release of the PC version of the game where I’d abandoned my console brethren. I was going to try and keep going on both platforms but it was too much trouble. And once I’d really put in the work on the PC side of things, it was hard to go back. Both with controls, looks of the game, and the people I was playing with.

Now that both cross-save and cross-play have been enabled, this was the reason for the excitement you could hear. But not only that, I had a chance to get a look at the game from a former heavy player of it and what it was like to return after…basically years, pretty much.

I’d experienced it before with myself and other games. I even mentioned one such example during the show. Even then, I can’t remember why I stopped playing, especially given it was in the Uncharted series. By the way, Lost Legacy still holds up on PS5. So that remaster coming next year is going to look phenomenal, I imagine.

What was your experience coming back to an old game? Did it still hold the interest you remember? Was it more confusing coming back in the middle or did muscle memory kick in after a while? Did it still hold the same weight for you or was something lacking? How hard was it to come back?

Speaking of games you haven’t gone back to in a long time…Ubisoft, it’s been 2,951 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 24

It’s a strange place to be in gaming when the highlight of a publisher/developer showcase is a remake of a game from over ten years ago. We shouldn’t even be getting a Dead Space remake since there’s really no reason this series should have ever ended. I mean, sure, sales numbers or critical reviews may have dropped for the last game in the series way back when, but that’s never stopped EA before. Somehow it did with the Dead Space series.

And now we’re getting a sort-of remake. It’s the first game but it’ll look prettier, come with updated mechanics and stuff from the second and third game in the series, and also, a better story. Most of these aren’t really needed when doing a remake. And we go over a little bit of why we think they’re doing it this way and what that may mean down the road. There’s debate about the story in Dead Space. That it still needs an ending. The third game did not wrap it up. And while the DLC for it made an attempt to end it, it still split the community as to what might have happened at the end. A conclusion to that would be nice, but we’re getting a remake.

I don’t know if it’s a one and done sort of situation, but knowing EA they’re likely testing the waters. Just…where do you go after remaking the first game of a trilogy? Do you then remake the remaining two? Do you move on to a fourth or add a subtitle?

It feels like they had the right idea with Mass Effect. In fact, the more I think about it, something like that would have been perfect for Dead Space. I guess we’ll see what their plan is. I only hope that if Dead Space can come back, even as a remake, there’s still hope for Splinter Cell. Both series had their last game released in the same year – 2013.

Speaking of that…Ubisoft, it’s been 2,895 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).

E3 Episodes

Season 15, Episode 21

Just a head’s up that there will be no show for next weekend. We’ll see you back on Saturday the 10th.

Thinking back on this episode, I mentioned why we weren’t talking about Activision and all the money they are giving to ol’ Bobby. I’d said it was because it always happens, each year, without fail. Doesn’t matter how much they made or how many they laid off, Bobby gotta eat.

So, after saying why we wouldn’t talk about that, I go on to do the exact same thing but with E3. It’s sort of the same cycle. Year after year, the same complaints and praises roll around. The companies those are directed at may change, but it’s the same thing. And then, after it’s all over, the same discussion always takes place about the need or needlessness of E3.

So, we’ve had it a bit of both ways. Last year there was no E3 and it felt strange. This year was a sort of digital E3 kind of thing and it also felt a bit strange. I can’t really tell what I like better. Sporadic E3 where over the course of some months we get a presentation here and there or the buffet E3 where it all happens over the course of a few days.

Either way, I think these companies are going to make their own decisions. They’ve had it both ways as well, and I’d suspect the future will show us exactly what they prefer of the two.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,867 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 18

What a completely crazy two weeks it’s been. And most of it we tell you about right at the opening. Most of it having to do with our website being down, then back up, then split between 3 different people and now, finally, all under one roof. It’s a lot to figure out, but the main part of it is that we’re back on solid ground with the site and everything is as it should be thanks to the good folks (and Sully particularly) at DreamHost. Also, a very big thank you to Daniel, Jeremy, Jeff, as well as Mike K, and John. They all stepped up and helped out so we didn’t lose anything and pitched in to get us back, stable, and not so spread out all over. Seriously, it was a mess.

As far as gaming is concerned, we’re rounding the bend getting closer to something similar to an E3. At least an E3 that’s all digital anyway. It all starts next Saturday right before the show.

Don’t forget to join our Discord. It’s another method for you to interact with the show and be on the air with us to discuss anything gaming. You can find the link to join at the bottom of our website and also our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,847 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 15

I’ve long since stopped trying to find the magic ratio for game to value. We talked about this with Returnal and it’s price tag. And how, at $60, I was more than entertaining the idea of picking up the game. Until I found out it was $70 and apparently that extra 10 bucks was just a bridge too far. Meanwhile I’m eyeballing this collectors set of another game that runs $175.

So yeah, it’s weird to justify things. Or, at least, my own spending habits and where I find value, I suppose. Ultimately, $70 is too rich for my blood and I’ll be holding off on getting the game. And I’m actually perfectly fine with it. It’ll be discounted on some sales here and there likely over the summer and should be very reasonably priced come the holiday sales. I’m fine waiting.

Graphics cards have really helped with my “new toy” patience.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,812 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 11

I don’t consider myself a hoarder, but I can imagine some people would say otherwise about me. I do tend to “hold on” to things a lot longer than most from time to time. Although I’ve recently backed off a bit with that habit. Or, at least, put a limit on what I’ll consider.

Then there’s the digital side to hoarding. How many hard drives of old systems I’m keeping around cause I need a file maybe down the road at some point. Then there’s the games aspect of that and a backlog that is, digitally, bigger than any amount of physical games I have ever owned in my life…combined.

It’s a lot of stuff. Stuff that…isn’t always guaranteed to be there. Paid for or free, it won’t last forever. But it’ll probably outlast me, and that’s really all it needs to do, I suppose.

Unless I bought any of those games on the PS3, Vita, or PSP. Sony seems to be shutting down those store fronts. And we’re not exactly sure why but it probably has to do with money. Now, I have no real idea what I’ll be losing because of this, and I’m not all that concerned, but there are other people who might depend on this for their games. Not yet having moved over to the PS4, or only ever had a PSP or Vita for whatever reason. I’m also sure that list is small and probably whatever that group of people is putting into the stores doesn’t exceed what it takes to maintain them.

Still, my point being, these digital copies won’t last forever. And if it suddenly ends in your lifetime, what’ll you do?

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,777 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 07

Apparently, I really need to play Until Dawn.

And from our caller praising it I’m actually looking forward to it. Now to just finish up some more time with Destiny before that.

Anthem never really did anything for me (or anybody else it seems, for that matter), but I didn’t want it to die. I understand why it had to, but there could have been something good there. That’s why it got canned, however. There could have been, but there wasn’t. And more money and time were not going to fix its problems. I’d say it was a noble effort, but this thing was dead out of the gate, if I remember right. It wasn’t ready. And I don’t think EA is a company known for their patience. They had a nice creative stint in the early 2000s where they had a few games they threw at the wall and actually stuck, but then they delved back into sequels and loot boxes.

Besides, they found what they wanted from Anthem. And they called it Apex Legends.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,749 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 04

Time for another episode of our show about playing video games. So let’s get right to it and talk about the stock market!

Yeah, that’s how we open the show and only really because of the stock involved. We’re it almost anything else (and it was already random as hell that it turned out to be a game retailer), we’d probably only mention it in passing, as would most websites that cover gaming as well. But this happened to be GameStop and that’s why the lot of us have taken note.

We talk of it like we know what we’re talking about and we somewhat have the basic essentials of what’s happened, but none of us would ever claim to be smart enough to push the advice. It’s your money, spend it how you want, and just be careful. That’s it. Best advice I got.

As for actual gaming discussion, I’ve been branching out of my Destiny cave since we’re in the last two weeks of the season so I’m looking to fill that time that isn’t doing the same thing over and over again week after week. As least for the next two weeks anyway. Then it’s back to my cave.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,721 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 15, Episode 01

It’s the beginning of the year. So, really, there wasn’t much to talk about actually. At least nothing we hadn’t already covered. We do spend a good time talking about what we’ve played over the past two weeks (for me that means about 3 or 4 more games other than Destiny – though it’s mentioned a few times).

We hope you had a great holiday and we’d love to know if you got a new console, new games, maybe the lucky few of you who got a new graphics card for the PC (seriously, that’s amazing luck right there). Whatever the case, email us, call us, join us in the chat room on the next episode and tell us what’s new with you in the new year as far as gaming is concerned. We’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,700 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 14, Episode 33

Our schedule has been a bit sporadic as of late and we’d like to tell you upfront that, due to the holiday, we will NOT be doing a show next week. After that, however, we’ll be back on a regular, more reliable schedule. Then again, this is 2020, so who knows?

As always at this time of year our show before Thanksgiving concerns the sales! We go over a few deals here and there and give a rundown of the new consoles and where you MIGHT be able to get one. But be warned, if it’s in-store then prepare to camp out. And I mean seriously camp out. And if it’s online, well, may the odds forever be in your favor (amongst the bots, scalpers, and the mass amount of other people trying to score one of these systems).

But keep in mind on these things…they will eventually be in abundant stock. And the price will come down.

Maybe waiting isn’t so bad? Yeah, I know…I laughed at that, too.

In the meantime, Ubisoft, it’s been 2,651 days since the last Splinter Cell release (non-animated series or guest spot in another game franchise or VR exclusive).


Season 14, Episode 21

The PC Build Bug has bitten yet again. The last time an actual build took place for me was back in 2012 and I still can’t remember why I did it. Usually I’m driven by a game or a few games on the horizon but going back to 2012 and I can’t see a thing I would have reason to build a PC for – at least not at the magnitude I built mine back then.

Since 2012 I’ve only added hard drive space, replaced the power supply, and put in a new video card back in 2015. So, yeah, I’d say it’s time for at least some of the main parts to get replaced. I’m taking it slow, however. I’ve no reason to rush and I can sit around and wait for deals to fall into my lap. One of those already presented itself in the form of a CPU so I’m on the AMD train as far as that’s concerned. I’ll still likely stick with NVIDIA for my video card, however.

Also, it’s another year and so yet another E3 without a new Splinter Cell from Ubisoft. I think I’ll start a count up and reference it every week until we get another announcement.

Ubisoft, it’s been 2,525 days since the last Splinter Cell release.


Season 14, Episode 01

New year, new episode! Or, whatever that’s supposed to say whenever a new year rolls along. Actually, welcome to season 14! News over the past few weeks, in regards to gaming anyway, has been rather slim. So, we’re mostly looking at what’s to come in the year ahead. Also, this gigantic Witcher resurgence we’re seeing thanks to the excellent (in my opinion) Netflix series. It’s fantastic when a video game series can get proper representation when translated to another medium. And yes, I know the show’s source material is the books, but rising tide and all boats and the like – it’s just good to see, really.

It’s the beginning of 2020 and I’m not sure we’ve ever been this early in the year and already know for a fact that we’re getting new consoles from Microsoft and Sony THIS year. Usually we have hints and whispers, but even before this year started, we knew we’d be getting them. I cannot wait to see how this plays out over the year, especially when it comes to launch dates, pricing (more than anything else), and launch exclusives. Plus all the other bells and whistles both companies will tout to get you to buy their console over the competition. Microsoft is already doing this with a massive backwards compatible campaign and not only with the games but also the controllers as well.

In the meantime, I’m probably going to do a second re-watch of the Witcher. If only for the music.


Season 13, Episode 39

Thinking back on this episode the day after we recorded it live and I’m wondering if we might have been a bit harsh on Death Stranding, especially since we haven’t even played it. And, for that matter, probably the new Star Wars game as well.

It isn’t hard for me to get sucked into hype. Except when it comes to video games. In a lot of ways I’m a glass-half-empty kind of guy when it comes to video games. I realize trailers, announcements, gameplay – it’s all marketing. We’re seeing what they want us to see so I rarely feel hype when I see a trailer for a game that is nothing but cinematics, CG, and cutscenes. Even when shown what looks like gameplay, I still keep a squinted eye view of it like an old man looking at kids across the street wondering what law they are breaking. A good example of this is BioShock Infinite.

Regardless of being too judgey or not on the issue of those two games mentioned in the beginning, they still aren’t on my menu of upcoming games I want to play. However, I am VERY interested to see the public reaction when they get their hands on it. Curious to see how the winds blow when the general public is able to play it and talk about it.

Even more curious to see if the hero/franchise worship will still abound as much as it seems to do in these early reviews.